The Way of the Bowl requires Acceptance, Openness and complete Surrender to the Sound - becoming ONE with the sound.

Harmonics surround you in a cocoon of sound, causing the atoms in your body to resonate with these vibrations, dissolving the apparent solidness of your physical body.

The sound vibrations emitted by the singing bowls are rich in natural harmonics, which are the healing component of music, triggering alertness, concentration and relaxation.

In this deep state of relaxation, you are slowing the brain waves, shifting energy blockages, balancing chakras and realigning both your physical and light bodies with the Universal Resonance.

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We came to Magnetic Island for a wonderful nutritional retreat with Jess and Donna and as part of the retreat Jess introduced us to her sound healing bowls. We both had a session and found it to be calming, relaxing and therapeutic. I recorded my session and am now able to listen to my own personal treatment at home which has been wonderful. Thank you Jess we would love to return to Burringbar again and experience the bowls again.

- Ted Secombe
Had a real amazing 1hr long relaxation healing meditation session at Strand Fitness’s Yoga Hub with Bodhi. Fantastic experience. Lots of tingles from the healing sounds and a great mindfulness trainer. Well done

- Laurence Sorbello
Big shout out to Jessica from ##BodhiSoundHealing. Thank you for the opportunity to stay. For anyone in Burringbar, get in touch with Jess for an real soothing & intuitive Sound Healing. Amazing things happen when Jess plays the Singing Bowls.

- Sophia Alcina Soul
This amazing lady does some very special work! She is available for private sessions and I can not recommend her enough! if you are struggling with meditation this could be a way to practise! If you are dealing with physical, mental or spiritual issues Jess is who you need to see! If you are feeling a little stressed, tired or wired, Jess is who you need to see! Check out this short video - that is a look of bliss right there! contact her to feel it yourself!

- Jai Hunter


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