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The Bell

A Foreword by Jess

Listening to the sound of the bell I feel afflictions within me begin to resolve.

Following the sound of the bell my breath brings me back to the safe island of mindfulness.

Bells are a call to action.

A reminder to return home.

It is time to go within and awaken.

Every culture and society has bells, or a form of bell that symbolises the drawing of attention.

Lunch bell, church bell, clock bell, peace bell, chimes, sirens and alarms are bells. Telling us it is time. Time to begin. Time to end. The time is NOW. This moment listen to the bell.

It is innate. It is universal.

These bowls are inverted bells. They call us home, to ourselves. They calm us, they sooth us. They speak every language and know no barriers.

Once the bell has been struck the frequency vibrates out into the universe. Changing it forever.

The effect they have on us is just as profound.

We are, after all, made entirely of energy.

Our systems are comprised of cells, cells made up of atoms, atoms consisting of quarks and so on. These foundational blocks of the universe vibrate with energy – sound is physical vibrational energy, we are literally sound beings. Being 80% water and water being a powerful conductor we are vessels of resonance.

Our frequency is as unique as our DNA.

Just as a musical instrument can fall out of tune so do we. This is when we become sick – un balanced.

The best part about being made of energy, vibrations and frequency is that our bodies will retune in the same way an instrument does.

The law of entrainment shows this. Two grandfather clocks left in the same room will begin to swing their pendulums in sync. Plucking one string on a violin will vibrate the same string on a violin beside it.

When our body hears a frequency and recognises that it is out of tune it will match it. Energy attracts energy.

It really is that simple. By restoring balance and correcting frequencies we can restore our health, promote wellness and vitality. We can clear and purify any slow moving or stuck energy from our energetic and physical bodies.

All we must do is listen. The sound does the rest for us. Old emotions process when moved through the chakras within the body, this restores balance and harmony within our cells.

A stream that becomes blocked eventually turns stagnant and rancid if the flow is not returned. We are the same. Energy flows through us, around us is us. Energy cannot be destroyed it can only change form.

We are constantly bombarded by external frequencies, energies, and sounds. Even if we cannot hear them, we are being affected.

It is unrealistic to suggest that we hide away in sound proof rooms to keep our vibration healthy and balanced. So we need to maintain our body, mind and spirit – sound restores us.

Bodhi Sound Healing Townsville
Bodhi Sound Healing Townsville

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness as a practice in our daily lives has the power to transform our perceptions, health and wellbeing.

Bodhi Sound Healing Townsville


Learning to observe breath and space between thoughts is a practice that with time will become a tool to help connect you to your health. Stress is the biggest cause of disease – Meditation IS stress reduction.

Bodhi Sound Healing Townsville

Chakra Balance

Each Chakra has its own unique energetic vibration. Our energetic body responds to vibrations, when a sound is played that resonates with the optimal vibration the chakra can awaken. As the sound continues our energetic body matches the frequency.

Articles by Bodhi

The Power of Sound

Have you ever listened to a song that makes you cry?

A song that lifts your spirits?

You remember every word, perhaps you can see the film clip when you hear it.

A song that brings back a memory and takes you to the moment you heard it for the first time? 

With the person you were with when you heard it and exactly what you were doing?

A song that makes you dance? 

Have you ever watched children find the rhythm to a song they have never heard but with no inhibitions – they dance. Because they can feel it and they instinctively love it. They move, laugh, cry, sing. You didn’t teach them how to do that.

They were born with it.

We were all born loving the power of sound. 

Music is everywhere.

Very rarely if ever do we experience true silence.

Know that sound is there even when you can’t hear it.

Everything is made of energy, vibration and frequencies.

Albert Einstein told us;

“Everything in life is a vibration. Energy, sound and mirror neurons”

Energy can not be destroyed. It simply changes form. 

To really understand sound, we have to look deeply, delving into sound & vibration at a scientific and quantum level. As fascinating as some of the insights provided by this foundationalist view are, I would like to do my best to speak plainly on the matter. 

Without going into the science too heavily I wish to discuss briefly some basic principles as I do believe that it will help you to see that what sound workers are doing is not actually something that just sounds nice and helps us relax.

It literally retunes our bodies frequencies – restoring balance, harmony and health.

Sure, some sound workers look like ‘hippies’, live in the forests and wear ‘funny’ clothes. They study stars and do tarot readings. They believe in fairies and wear lots of tie died skirts. They may throw the word chakra and luminous body around over coffee and claim to speak to ascended masters, arc angels and even ancient Gods. They are gifted feelers that can often literally hear when a body is out of tune, but really they are scientists of that which cannot be measured.

Sounds pretty cool right?

So I’ll break it down as best I can.

Energy is the life force of EVERYTHING. 

Our bodies are a collection of cells.

These cells are directly affected by the environment – including diet and external stimulus. 

Biologically we are made up of systems;


  • Circulatory
  • Digestive
  • Endocrine
  • Muscular
  • Nervous
  • Reproductive
  • Respiratory
  • Skeletal
  • Urinary.

Yup we knew that. What does that have to do with sound?

Each system is made up of smaller factors and as we go deeper into the body and mind via quantum physics we come back to the beginning – we are made up of energy.

Tissues and organs – eyes, lungs, stomach, liver, brain, skin, teeth, heart and kidneys…..

Cells make up tissues and organs

Molecules make up cells

Atoms make up molecules and atoms are made up of quarks.

So what does this mean and why am I telling you this?

This means – completely, scientifically – no magic involved – we are made of energy. DONE. Albert Einstein said so (and 1000s of scientists back it up).

This is not a theory any more than gravity is. 

It’s fact.

So again, why do we care? I am supposed to be explaining the power of sound.

Well hope I have not lost you as it is about to get exciting.

Energy is a naturally vibrating substance.

Atoms vibrate all the time and vibration is naturally linked with sound.


One other part, that if I explain now, will help you to grasp the next exciting part, then I promise the nerdy stuff is out of the way and I can move onto the interesting parts about ancient cultures and witch doctors (joking no witch doctors).

Resonance and entrainment are important to help us understand why being made of energy is even relevant to why sound and frequency is so powerful.


Resonance is an abnormally large vibration when energies align.

Chemistry describes it as drawing parallel atoms with another vibration.

Sound therapy creates healing resonance by bringing the sound in tune with the natural vibration of the body.

As vibration naturally draws and syncs towards other vibrations. 

Negative energy leads to imbalances in the body – sickness and disease. So really, we can accurately say that disease is just a body that is not in tune.

Like a guitar however we can be retuned with energy – vibration, and return to our natural state.

The best part is that the body does this all by itself.

This is where entrainment comes in.

Did you know that if you put two grandfather clocks in a room together they will sync? Their pendulums will begin to go the same speed regardless following the same motions. 

If you pluck a string on a violin the violin beside it will have the same string begin to vibrate without you touching it.

Yup, cool!

Another universal law, like gravity – what goes up must come down – same as entrainment – energy attracts energy and frequency, and vibration will align. We can be retuned, and balance restored!

The basis of sound therapy is that vibration is fundamental to all matter.

Now this is not new information.

The power of sound has been around further than we can remember and depending on who you are talking to and if you have heard the tales of Atlantis, it is the creation of everything.


“Sound energy has a multitude of capabilities, as it consists of a large spectrum of vibrational frequencies that can be adapted for an incredible variety of applications. The energy is selective and powerful for focused uses. We are all familiar with many common types of sound energy: ultrasounds and sonograms in the medical field, sonar for naval and aquatic purposes, sonic booms, car horns and high pitched dog whistles… there are many, many more examples encountered in everyday life.


Subtle, influential energy – disguised as music – has affected mankind for many thousands of years. In ancient times, music was considered critical for survival. It was used for diverse applications: strengthening warriors, striking enemies, inducing rain, building psychic skills, enhancing crop growth, creating trances, curing physical, emotional and mental health issues and even more. Music was a powerful “vibratory wand” wielding magical–like energies. Thousands of years later, music’s mystique has faded; it is considered only as a form of entertainment, a tragic loss to mankind.

Some sounds (frequencies of specific energy) interact with our minds fostering a certain type of brain wave state and hence a specific state of awareness or consciousness. Other sounds, help our bodies heal themselves – in the face of almost any illness or malady (including cancer, emphysema, flu, muscular and skeleton injuries and much more). Sound energy can enhance our consciousness by interacting with our subtle energies and associated systems, such as the chakras and meridians. Sounds can heal emotional and physiological problems. Often, sound can replace or simulate physical items – such as vitamins or other nutrients; even pathogens or beneficial microbes can be neutralized or simulated by sound. Other special sounds can enhance intelligence.”

Lost Waves – Jill Mattson

As humans we can hear between…


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